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2023-2024 New VPCAT Scholars

2023-2024 New VPCAT Scholars

VPCAT has announced their new scholars for 2023-2024. We are proud to share that 4 of our Internal Medicine junior faculty have been selected! 

Congratulations to: 

Dr. Rebecca G. Kim, MD

Division of Gastroenterology

Dr. Michael A. Incze, MD, MSEd

Division of General Internal Medicine

Dr. Amiko M. Uchida, MD

Division of Gastroenterology

Dr. Katharine R. Clapham, MD

Division of Cardiovascular


The VPCAT Research Scholars Program has been designed to offer intensive mentorship and support to early-stage faculty members engaged in clinical and translational research in transitioning to accomplished, funded principal investigators. 

VPCAT leverages the resources of our institution to augment departmental resources in support of junior faculty investigators using a holistic framework, the  Matrix Mentoring Model, that includes five levels of mentorship: self, scientific, peer, senior, and staff. During the 2-year program, scholars receive training in scientific career development, grant writing and management, and leadership designed to create empowered principal investigators.  

To learn more about VPCAT,  visit their website.