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Physician’s Awards & Honors - U of U School of Medicine

Dr. Ignacio Garrido-Laguna

Dr. Ignacio Garrido-Laguna has had a manuscript published on pancreatic cancer research and treatment in EurekAlert, The Global Source for Science News. Our cancer center support grant is acknowledged in this article.

Dr. Anna Beck

Dr. Beck has been awarded the Susan G Komen Utah Grant. Dr. Beck will be developing a comprehensive treatment summary and survivorship care plan (SCP) that will be individualized for each patient. The goal is to provide a tool that is useful to the oncologist, patient, and primary care physicians to impact quality of life, support services utilization, and adherence to healthy lifestyle recommendations. Learn more about the program:

Huntsman Supportive Oncology Survivorship Program

Dr. Sarah Colonna 

Congratulations to Dr. Sarah Colonna, Marjan Champine, and Wendy Kohlmann for their article that will be published in ASCO daily news, Annual Meeting issue. The article focuses on strategies for providing pre-test genetic counseling so that patients will be prepared to understand the meaning of their test results. Changes in genetic testing technology are resulting in more complex types of test results, and the genetic counseling process needs to develop in order to prepare patients for the types of results that can occur. The article goes along with an educational session being presented at the ASCO meeting.