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Black Lung Disease in Utah & The Miners Hospital

May 13, 2021

Black Lung Disease in Utah & The Miners Hospital

The recent resurgence of Black Lung disease in the US (primarily seen in Central Appalachia but also seen in Utah) highlights the ongoing risks of respirable dust in the mining industry. In Utah, the Miners Hospital was established by the legislature in 2004 to provide health care for Utah’s coal and hard rock miners with work-related injuries. The Division of Respiratory, Critical Care, and Occupational Pulmonary Medicine is one of the core provider groups in the University’s Miners Hospital, working in collaboration with Occupational Medicine, Orthopedic, Physical Medicine and Audiology teams to evaluate and treat mining related illnesses and injuries.

Mine dust lung disease can adversely affect the lungs in a number of ways – including coal workers’ pneumoconiosis (black lung disease), asthma, bronchitis, emphysema and interstitial lung disease. The Pulmonary Miners Clinic provides comprehensive longitudinal pulmonary care for Utah miners with complications of occupational exposure to respirable mine dust. Additionally, the clinic performs evaluations for mines applying for benefits through the Federal Black Lung Program.

To request an appointment at the Miners Clinic, please call 801-581-2251. You can also call our toll free number 866-864-6377.