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CCTS Wet-bench Touch-down Space Available

CCTS Wet-bench Touch-down Space Available

To help investigators and trainees who need wet-bench space, the Cellular Translational Research Core (CTRC), in partnership with the SVPHS Research Office, has developed wet bench, touch-down space. The space is clean, comfortable, and centrally located in Room 213 of the Wintrobe Building. The CTRC offers a variety of lab equipment for experiments and sample processing, as well as freezer space for biospecimen storage. For any investigator conducting flow sorting work, The CTRC facility is conveniently located next to the Flow Cytometry Facility. The CTRC is staffed weekdays from 8am-5pm for technical assistance.

CTRC Supplies, Reagents, and Equipment:

  • Large Centrifuges
  • Microcentrifuges
  • Waterbaths
  • Cell culture hoods and microscopes
  • Common molecular biology, cell culture, and biorepository supplies and reagents
  • Desk and Computer space

If interested, please contact Colin Maguire ( or 801-581-5889) for more details. We are also happy to provide a tour of the space and discuss any needs you may have for your work.

Additional information also available on the CTRC website