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School of Medicine Research Incentive Seed Grant Program, Due November 9th

School of Medicine Research Incentive Seed Grant Program

Submission Deadline: Friday, November 9, 2018 at 5:00PM MST

Submit application online through CompetitionSpace at


This Request for Proposals is for one-year pilot projects supporting new, innovative areas of research. This program is specific to School of Medicine faculty and those collaborating with School of Medicine faculty. Faculty in other Departments, Institutes/Centers/Programs, the College of Cultural & Social Transformation, the Honors College and Libraries should apply via their home colleges. 

Applicant Eligibility:

Tenure-line faculty and Career-line faculty are eligible to apply. Faculty must be in residence at the University of Utah to be considered for Seed funding. Proposals should exhibit high potential for leveraging extramural funding. Applicants that have significant start-up, cash reserves, or are seeking gap funding to bridge support between external grants or contracts are not eligible. Preference will be given to early career-investigators, investigators that have not received funding in the last three years, and investigators pursuing a new research direction.

Application Instructions:

Each Principal Investigator may only act as submitting applicant on one proposal. However, collaborations are encouraged and investigators are welcome to serve as Principal Investigators on proposals submitted by others.


  • The proposed project should not be funded by any other mechanism/research initiative at the time of submission.
  • Deadline – Submissions are due at 5:00PM MST, Friday, November 9, 2018.
  • Applications must be submitted electronically through the University of Utah’s CompetitionSpace interface at

 Applications must include:

  1. Abstract: maximum ½ page (use form on VPR website)
  2. Project Description: maximum 3 pages
  3. Key References: maximum 1 page
  4. Extramural Support: maximum 1 page
  5. Proposed Project Budget: not to exceed $50,000
  6. Current and Pending Support
  7. Biographical Sketch: complete for each Principal Investigator, not to exceed 5 pages for each
  8. Letter of Support from Department Chair or Equivalent

Budget Guidelines:

Please prepare a one-year project budget that allocates a maximum of $50,000 into the following categories:

  • Personnel: This may include technicians, postdocs, graduate students and undergraduate students, but not salary support for faculty salaries (summer or academic year)
  • Consultant Costs (must justify)
  • Equipment (please itemize): Office equipment, including computers, must be justified)
  • Travel: Travel must be directly related to project research (e.g., conferences cannot be supported by this grant)
  • Patient Care Costs
  • Other Expenses (please itemize by category)


  • An additional 6-month project milestone budget is also required
  • Unused funds must be returned to the Vice President for Research. The Vice President for Research also reserves the right to recall funds being spent inappropriately.

 Review & Funding of Proposals:

  • Proposals will be reviewed by a pool of researchers designated by the School of Medicine to ensure research excellence and potential for extramural funding.
  • Applicants will be informed of the status of their proposal within 4-6 weeks of the submission deadline, with funding anticipated to begin January 1, 2019.
  • Maximum funding per project is $50,000, with a project term of one year.
  • Grant administration is the responsibility of the submitting Principal Investigator.

 Post award requirements:

  • Within 3-months of the end of the project period, funded proposals must provide a final report of no more than two pages in length describing the results of the research, future directions, and plans to secure additional funding.
  • Seed grant awardees may be asked to provide an update at 6 months.
  • Seed grant awardees agree to participate annually in an outcomes tracking survey.

If you are interested in applying for this opportunity contact Kris Larrabee (, DOIM Research Administration, by Wednesday, October 10th. Kris can answer questions on and support the application process as needed. 

Also, Department Chair letters of support are required and need to be drafted and submitted to me no later than Thursday, October 25th, in order to meet the November 9th deadline.