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New Research Grants - November 2018

New Research Grants - November 2018


Mary Jo Pugh, PhD

Division of Epidemiology

The Department of Veterans Affairs, VA Health Services Research, and Development Program

10/01/2018 – 09/30/2023

The goal of the Elizabeth Dole Center of Excellence for Veteran and Caregiver Research is to expand the capacity of the VA to deliver integrated, Veteran- and caregiver-partnered, data-driven approaches to non-institutional care across VA. A group of researchers from four VA Medical Centers will collaborate to achieve this goal using innovative pilot studies that incorporate validated stakeholder-driven outcomes and performance metrics to aid the evaluation of home- and community-based care. Our team in Salt Lake City will use longitudinal electronic health records to identify the optimal clusters of non-institutional care treatment elements (optimal treatment clusters) are associated with community care survival. Findings from pilot projects and analyses of optimal treatment clusters will be used to develop training programs for home- and community-based care and, with stakeholder engagement, we will develop implementation recommendations and tools to facilitate the spread of best practices. While the primary projects we will conduct focus on geriatrics, we will also begin to develop similar approaches for caregivers of wounded, ill and injured Veterans from Gulf War and Post-9/11 conflicts.


Daniel T. Leung, MD

Division of Infectious Diseases

Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

10/15/2018 – 03/31/2020

Development of a Bayesian Diagnostic for Etiological Management of Pediatric Diarrhea

We will use predictive analytic methods, including the use of site-specific Bayesian priors, to develop a decision support tool to guide healthcare workers in the management of pediatric diarrhea in lower- and middle-income countries. We will then develop a Smartphone App for this tool, and pilot the App at two international sites.