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Useful Resources for NIH Grant Applications



Useful Resources for NIH Grant Applications


NIH Data Book

The NIH Data Book has recently been updated and serves as a helpful resource for describing funding trends on grants and contract awards, success rates, small business programs, peer review, as well as the scientific workforce. These data, presented as interactive graphics and tables, have allowed you to get a better understanding of decisions made here at NIH. It might also be a helpful resource in determining what type of mechanism you would like to apply to.

Center for Scientific Review (CSR) Applicant Webpage   

The Center for Scientific Review (CSR) overseas the review of proposals rather than the award of funding so please visit NIH for an understanding of the complete grant process. However, CSR’s website provides a useful explanation of the review process for applicants as well as well as some resources for planning and writing your application. For those early career investigators, check out the CSR Early Career Reviewer (ECR) Program.

Edge for Scholars

Edge for Scholars is a website dedicated to providing real life discussions on academics including grants and contracts funding. Use the filter for “Grants & Funding” to find pertinent discussions regarding the grant application process.  

NIH Rigor and Reproducibility Webpage

For NIH applications due on January 25, 2019 going forward, the term “rigor of the prior research” will replace “scientific premise” under the Significance section for most research grant and career development award applications (see NOT-OD-18-228 and NOT-OD-18-229).  Applicants will be asked to also describe plans to address weaknesses in the rigor of the prior research in the Approach section. To accommodate these new changes, NIH has revamped the Rigor and Reproducibility webpage to highlight and include more resources you might find helpful.

NIH FAQ on Early State Investigators 

Looking for answers to your questions on our Early Stage Investigator (ESI) and Next Generation Researchers initiative? Check out the Early Stage Investigators frequently asked questions (FAQ) for information on how NIH defines and reviews ESI applications to promote the growth and stability of the biomedical research workforce.