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Official Launch - 1U4U Funding Initiative

Official Launch - 1U4U Innovation Funding

The 1U4U Innovation Funding initiative has been launched. This program is designed to seed faculty collaborations in areas of mutual research, scholarship, education and institutional opportunity, bridging both academic affairs and health sciences. Faculty members can find all about the program and log in at:

The biggest social and scientific/engineering problems are too complex to be solved by a single discipline. This initiative aims to allow the type of collaborations that often result in true innovations. University of Utah leadership hopes that young researchers and scholars on our campus will have the opportunity to participate in partnerships that will help grow and shape their careers.

Briefly, here is how the project works. Each project must include three faculty members from at least two different colleges and representing both academic affairs and health sciences. Faculty who are on career/tenure line are eligible to participate in the 1U4U Initiative. Faculty data has been preloaded into the system.

Of note: Project teams may include staff and other non-tenure/career line faculty members with appropriate dean or vice president approval, and not all projects require a research focus. If non-faculty members within your college who you would like to have participate, please contact your dean or vice president’s office.

Teams may request funding for either $15K or $30K, depending on the size and scope of a proposal. More details will be available at the website.

Teams will be able to submit proposals beginning Jan. 13, 2020.

University of Utah Health has committed $400,000 in seed funding from our offices; in addition, some colleges and entities have committed varying sums to supplement funding.