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Why Choose Utah? The Department of Neurology's Residency Program

View of Utah

You or someone you know may be applying for residency programs across the nation. Take a moment to see why the University of Utah's Neurology Residency may be a great fit.

We want everyone to feel confident that they can find their place in Utah—whether that comes from being able to find a religious community, an ethnic community, or a community of common interests. View our Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion committee's resource page to see which religious services, restaurants, community clubs and support groups, and university-included resources the nearby regions boast.

Not only is the University of Utah a unique academic center situated in the heart of the Mountain West (that services patients from as far north as Montana, as far south as New Mexico and Arizona, as far east as Colorado, and as far west as Oregon), but it also is in a prime location for those who love to hike, visit

national parks, ski, and mountain bike. Learn more about what Utah has to offer here, and watch why our faculty and residents chose Utah.

The geographic extent that the University of Utah covers allows our residents to be exposed to a breadth of pathology, encompassing both diagnostic challenges and acutely ill patients in need of a higher level of care. Check out some of our numbers:

If you're still curious, consider watching our video "A Day in the Life of a Neurology Resident" or visiting our website to read about the program, to get a virtual hospital tour, to read a year-by-year residency overview, and to learn so much more.