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Nicole Aagaard Retirement Announcement

Jul 28, 2019

This email is to inform all of you that I will be leaving my position with RMCDS, effective September 15, 2019. I have enjoyed working for RMCDS for 33 years but the time has come to explore the benefits of retirement. I want to assure you that my leaving will not negatively affect your cancer registry software services with RMCDS in any way.

I would like to thank each and every one of you personally for allowing RMCDS to serve your cancer registry software needs. Your trust and collaboration with RMCDS has always been engaging and rewarding.

All participants are very important to RMCDS. After my departure, Daniel Denhalter, MSPH will become the new Director of RMCDS. We are very pleased to be bringing Daniel back to the University of Utah.  He previously worked for the Department of Epidemiology and was a clinical manager at our Huntsman Cancer Hospital in the bone marrow transplant clinic.  He stood out during interviews as a perfect candidate for the position of Director, and we are thrilled that he will be taking the helm of RMCDS.  He is professional, personable, and is enthusiastically eager to interact with all of you, learn as much as quickly as possible, and carry the torch of RMCDS into the future.  Daniel has an MSPH and has worked with the Utah Cancer Registry on research projects, so is familiar with cancer registry from a research as well as a clinical perspective.  He has many years of management experience and has knowledge of various programming languages and applications. He is dedicated, focused and committed to serving our participants up to their expectations and is motivated to continue enhancements as the cancer registry world evolves. I fully expect the transition to go smoothly. 

Daniel's first day will be on August 12 and I will be in and out of the office training him. If you have any questions feel free to contact Aubrey Lachowsky by phone or by email.  Aubrey is an excellent, bright, and efficient Program Manager and she will be handling any cancer registry specific questions.  Aubrey is CTR eligible and is very knowledgeable in both cancer registry and Rocky Mountain.  Again, thank you all for being such valued participants. I look forward to retirement and I rest assured that you are all in good hands.