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Welcome to the Rural & Underserved Utah Training Experience (RUUTE)! We are excited that you are interested in our medical school and the unique opportunities for medical students, providers, and the Utah community.

Our Mission 

To increase medical education opportunities in rural and underserved areas of Utah by expanding the interest and awareness of rural health, maintaining and growing quality educational experiences, and developing and enhancing community partnerships with stakeholders. 

 Our Vision

  • Increase the number of providers practicing medicine in rural and underserved areas of Utah 
  • Create a pathway for University of Utah School of Medicine students that will lead to a Graduate Certificate in Rural & Underserved Health
  • Identify, recruit, and nurture students from rural and underserved areas to matriculate and thrive at the University of Utah School of Medicine
  • Assist medical educators from rural and underserved areas to enhance their teaching skills through faculty recruitment and development
  • Facilitate University of Utah School of Medicine faculty in delivering high quality educational content both in-person and remotely
  • Enrich the community of rural providers by connecting them to a state-of-the-art academic health system
  • Build a medical education infrastructure that residency programs (also known as Graduate Medical Education [GME]) may participate in and grow into one day

   Give Today   

To find more ways to donate towards rural medical student scholarships, please visit the University of Utah School of Medicine Alumni Association website.


Please contact Kylie Christensen with any questions, concerns, or suggestions. 

Phone: 801-213-1042
Email: kylie.christensen@hsc.utah.edu

Student Quotes

“I was able to spend 2 weeks in St. George working with a General Surgeon. My experience in rural/underserved medicine changed the outlook for my professional future. I better understood the huge variety of patient issues that rural/underserved providers face, the barriers to providing quality care in rural/underserved areas, and the excitement that comes with preparing for whatever comes in the door. After experiencing rural/underserved medicine as a medical student, I now view a rural/underserved community as a likely destination for my future career”

- Jacob Mitchell, Class of 2019

"I enjoyed having the opportunity to do a rural medicine rotation…Monticello and Blanding are tight knit communities, but the clinic staff and patients were so nice and welcoming during my time there. I have gained a lot of insight into the importance of primary care physicians in the rural community, and would recommend this experience to anyone who is considering it!”

- Jyoti Sharma, Class of 2020