Patient Care

PARCKA is committed to provide access to the highest quality of addiction care in the country for the university community and the community at large. PARCKA faculty offer screening, assessment, and treatment services along a broad continuum of care. The care provided by our interdisciplinary faculty are evidence-based and patient-centric. In addition, tele-health and remote, rural addiction treatment services are planned. The clinical services provide a rich environment for training the next generation of clinicians and academics in addiction.

Hunstman Mental Health Institute

The Huntsman Mental Health Institute (HMHI) is a mental and behavioral health service that offers patient-centered care to treat all aspects of the individual--biological, psychological, social, and spiritual-- elements essential to achieving balance in mental health. 

SUPeRAD Carbon & Emery Counties 

As an iniative from the State of Utah, The University of Utah Health's Substance Use in Pregnancy Recovery Addiction Dependence Clinic (SUPeRAD), in partnership with The University of Utah's Department of Internal Medicine, Divsion of Epidemiology's Program for Addiction Research, Clinical Care, Knowledge, and Advocacy (PARCKA), is expanding SUPeRAD to Carbon and Emery Counties in Utah. 

The SUPeRAD expansion, with collaboration from Four Corners Behavioral Health and Eastern Utah Women's Health, will enhance prenatal and postpartum care to women suffering from substance use addictions in these two rural counties. The expanision will use a three armed approach: 

  1. Enhance Prenatal and Postpartum Care
  2. Train Providers
  3. Implementation Science

SUPeRAD Carbon & Emery Counties will use a collaborative and wholistic approach by including various professionals from diverse backgrounds including medical, social work, public health, and more to offer the best quality of care.

The SUPeRAD Clinic (Salt Lake)

PARCKA Core Faculty Marcela Smid, MD is the Clinical Director of The Substance Use in Pregnancy Recovery Addiction Dependence Clinic (SUPeRAD). The SUPeRAD Clinic is a a specialty prenatal clinic that integrates maternal fetal medicine, addiction specialist, and resource management. The SUPeRAD Clinic uses a holistic and collaborative approach with their patients by incorporating various professionals from various fields, including OB/GYN care, ultrasounds, MFMs, addiction fellows, MAT with buprenorphine, pharmacy assistance with polypharmacy, social work, recovery peer support and advocacy, Connect2Health, and more. 

Provider-Targeted Behavioral Interventions to Prevent Unsafe Opioid Prescribing for Acute Non-Cancer Pain in Primary Care

This quality improvement project is focused on promotion of evidence-based management for pain in primary care. The project is supported and sponsored by the Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute (PCORI) and is coordinated by investigators at the University of Pittsburgh, in collaboration with UPMC, Geisinger Health System, and the University of Utah Health System. University of Pittsburgh is the IRB of record.

Vulnerable Veteran – Innovative Patient (VIP) Initiative

The overarching goal of the VIP Initiative is to improve the health of Veterans who are particularly vulnerable due to medical disease and/or their social determinants through a unique longitudinal, primary care service delivery model.


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